4 Card Reading

Best for situational and present circumstances you need guidance on. An overview of the situational energies will be conducted, as well as a pathway spread. All readings are channelled psychic readings.
$60 CAD

Global 8 card Reading

Great for birthdays, big moments of transition, or to get a really clear vision on your life's current energies. Personal journey, love, relationships and business will be read, as well as a timeline of past-present-future. All readings are channelled psychic readings!
$110 CAD

Energy Healing - Single Session

Experience immediate freedom, deeper personal peace, anxiety relief and a full-body cleanse with a 90-minute healing session. A combination of Reiki and Energy healing techniques will be used, as well as psychic channelling.

$110 CAD

Channelled Video Reading

The same spread as a 4-Card reading, except with less commitment and a faster turnaround. A full reading will be done and recorded on video and sent to you within 72 hours of booking.
All readings are channelled psychic readings.
$60 CAD

Healing + Reading Package

One 90 minute healing session followed by a channelled reading a few days later. Reconnect with yourself on your deepest levels, and open new doors to personal freedom.

2 Sessions, $210 CAD

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Ascension Gateway Call

Curious about my 4 month, private healing program the Ascension Code - but want to know more? Book a free Gateway call with me and receive 30 minutes of free intuitive guidance.