THe Ascension Code

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Healing is not always an easy journey. 

 It is lifelong, and can often feel lonely and confusing. The ascension code is designed to elevate your spiritual awareness and equip you with the tools to navigate and thrive though your healing process – at any stage. 

In this 4 month, private healing and coaching program, we’ll walk the peaks and valleys of your spiritual journey as I teach you the tools, methods and magick I’ve used on my own path – and continue to use to this day. 

Discover the layers of yourself that have been trying to reach you. Hear the voices of guides you’ve been wishing for. Walk your spiritual path with grace. 

 How you’ll feel: 

…More peace, ease and connection in your life

…Fully and inseparably connected to your intuition 

…A new ability to show up to your challenges differently  

…Able to navigate the terrains of spiritual growth with grace 

…At home in your body and more aligned 

…Connected to your Truth and Soul Path 

    The Program includes: 

4 months of intensive healing and practices:

          – Month 1: Delayering and Diving to the Depths

          – Month 2: The dark goddess and the Inner                                        Landscape

            – Month 3: Welcoming Spirit Fully

           – Month 4: Soaring Spiritual Support


Every month:

 – 1 90 minute deep-dive healing and spiritual mentorship sessions per month

– 1 reading every month (can be at any time throughout the month 

– 3 S.O.S Calls (a 40 minute emergency call for support to be used at any point in the program, up to 3 times) 

– 12 Distance Reiki / Healing sessions with channelled notes per month

– A 2 hour Closing Ceremony session at the end of the program

And more… 

  • Take home practices and techniques for energy clearing, healing and balancing 
  • How-to videos for anxiety techniques, connecting to Spirit and more 
  • Journal exercises 
  • Handouts 
  • Reading material 
  • 2 curated music playlists 
  • Mp3 Downloadable meditations 
  • Unlimited facebook voice messaging / what’s app voice messaging for extra support (72 hr response time) 

Your ascension has begun. There’s only one way through: up.