my journey so far...

walking the Path

I have been connected to spirit my entire life.

As a child, like many of us who don’t understand our own power, I shut myself off from my gifts in fear. 

When I was 10 years old, I activated a Ouija board to so many spirits at once I used all the power in my little being to shut off the portal – lying to my friends, and faking the movements of what the board was communicating (Sorry, Ellie!) 

The auras and energies I could see around people and plants I assumed were daylight. The fact that I was seeing something not everyone could see never occurred to me.

When I first saw the spirits that occupied my cottage, I was so scared that slept inside a sleeping bag, under wool blankets, in the middle of the summer. Every night. I was trying to block the sound of them running up and down the stairs.

Without any understanding or guidance about how to deal with this connection, I did what any other kid would do who just wants to fit in: I shut it down. I closed off my heart and senses from seeing, hearing and feeling as best I could.  As far as I was concerned, I was just a normal kid that was “too sensitive,” couldn’t be trusted around sugar and occasionally experienced watching my body from above (which I naturally kept a secret).

 I happened to love aliens, sea creatures, mermaids, … everything supernatural. Ghost stories, ritual or some sort of mysticism? I was there.

I tried my best to live as normal of a life as I could through my teens and early 20s. I did my best to fit in and feel connected to the world around me. I fed my spirit in the ways that I knew how – connected to the earthly cycles, falling in love with Forestry and spending long amounts of time underwater. 

I knew nothing about crystals, attachments, or active grounding. I knew nothing of light baths, psychic shields, and had never heard of a MerKaBa (link) I was doing my best to experience life, bumping along like a pinball. 

I took courses, practiced ritual, and went to workshops. I learned to create boundaries, and flirted with dark energies more ancient than my own soul. I Watched my ego die, and mourned its death. I saw aliens, met my twin flame and walked the line of sympathy from a mothering cougar alone in the woods.

In 2018, I left the island I had grown so close to discover more phases of myself.

Amidst the next few years of constant travel, the healing practice I had begun expanded and grew as I did. I moved away from traditional tarot to more channelled-psychic readings. Through new techniques and practices, I learned to deepen my service to those who needed it most. 


Healing others is not a dream job, a hobby or simply the way I make my livelihood. To have the opportunity to share my gifts and teachings with others feels like the fulfillment of my destiny. I thank you deeply for being a part of my journey. 

The Indigo Instinct Healing Matrix is where we meet to feel safe, share wisdom and gain access to deep learning. If you’d like to become a part of this spiritual safe-haven, join us below: 

We are in the midst of navigating new spiritual terrain. If we take care of each other, we will walk this path together – unified, supported, flourishing.

To all beings, 

Blessed be.