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 I’ve had many healing experiences but not many have the ability to heal on the level that Kate does. Her energy is pure, compassionate, and spot-on. She is able to unearth and move energy even in just one session. 

  Kate is definitely a healer’s healer and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper connection.

– Rachel,

 Owner of Ocean Alchemy, 

Nova Scotia

Kate’s reading was so right on point I was a bit taken aback and comforted at the same time. I was at a crossroad in life and it was exactly what I needed to hear to assist in knowing which path to take.

Kate has a beautiful gift and I’m so glad she’s offering it for others to benefit because I definitely did.

Highly recommend!

–  Wren, 

New Zealand

I had a Reiki session with Kate and it was truly beautiful.

Her connection with the spirits and energies is a rare skill.

I went to see Kate to heal and rebalance my energy centres. 
Since then, amazing opportunities have arrived in my life!
Couldn’t recommend Indigo instinct Healing more. 🙏

 Her aura and  healing are one of a kind.

– Julie, 

New Zealand



Spark deep connections to your higher self, true purpose and guided path through a channelled reading, straight from your guides.


Break through longstanding blocks with private healing sessions. Allow yourself to be transformed through deep energy healing and personal spiritual mentorship.

Meet kate

Welcome, dear one – and know you are safe here.

My offerings, services, groups and programs come in response to a call I have been answering for as long as I can remember: Connect people to the unseeable, and to allow healing to infiltrate all aspects of life. 

My wish is that through exploring your connection with your higher self and your True Spirit, you unlock a world so vivid in colour that your old life felt as if you were living in monochrome. We live in a world woven together with synchronicities, magic, and so much energy that you could watch your dreams blossom twice over. 

It is my honour to teach you to align yourself with the You that can harvest that world of possibility. 

Emotional freedom, strong direction, and a connectivity to life that feels rich, full and alive is my wildest dream for you. 

Above all – Follow your intuition – you have arrived. 

A photo of Kate reading cards for a client

Private Healing immersions

Personal, 1-to-1, deep-dive programs that will transform you from head to soul.


Do you wish you had the skills and tools to heal yourself, without facilitation? 

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level? 

Navigate the realms of the energy healing world
with me as your guide
in my 4-month private program,

The Ascension Code. 

Have you been on your healing path and wishing there were others around you who know what it’s like? 

Have you been wishing to find like-minded people who understand the healing process, and will show up for you in a safe and sacred place? 

Join us in the Healing Matrix on Facebook. Private, with tons of extra content and advanced screenings of all my energy forecasts, you may find yourself feeling truly at home for the first time.