“After my session with Kate I felt instant relief, she lifted the stress and anxiety I had been carrying with me for a while and offered great advice on how I can shift the energy within myself. Her kind and gentle approach made me feel secure and relaxed in her presence. I couldn’t recommend her enough.”

Lucy, New Zealand 

“I went to see kate for a treatment after a pretty tough couple of months, both emotionally and physically. Her soothing and calming welcome immediately relaxed me and I instantly felt was in safe and capable hands. I hadn’t felt so in tune with myself for a long time and my session with Kate was pure bliss. Our Korero (conversation) afterwards was enlightening and has helped me to move forward with my goals and plans with much more confidence and self belief. I thoroughly appreciate Kate’s energy and passion for what she does. Thank you Kate – I feel blessed to have met you and have you share your gifts with me.”

Linda, New Zealand

“I had a Reiki session with Kate and it was truly beautiful.
Her connection with the spirits and energies is a rare skill.
I went to see Kate to heal and rebalance my energy centers and since then, amazing opportunities have arrived in my life!
Couldn’t recommend Indigo instinct Healing more 🙏
I wish you were still In NZ Kate!!! Your aura and your healing are one of a kind 🙏

Julie, New Zealand 

“My sessions with Kate have enabled me to release deep-seated and long-standing emotional residue from past traumas. This has had a profoundly positive impact on my physical and emotional health. Kate’s sessions are wonderfully relaxing: she administers soul soothing bliss with gentleness, compassion and a total absence of judgment. Better still, she is able to work her magic without you needing to provide any information that may be painful or embarrassing. I thoroughly recommend her healing services.”

Richard, New Zealand

“Kate has such a great, calming energy about her. It is clear that she really is gifted!

I loved the way she explained things to me – I had an Oracle card reading with her and a Reiki session. 

After the Reiki I left feeling content, light and energized, like I haven’t felt for a long time. 

I look forward to seeing her again and I totally recommend her services.”

Sim, New Zealand 

“Not so long ago I had a card reading with Kate in her gorgeous studio space in town.  From the moment I walked in I felt calm, relaxed and excited for what was in store.  Kate has a calm and graceful way about her and she explained exactly what she was doing throughout the whole process.  Not only did Kate do a thorough reading, she also explained each card and how they all related to each other as she went.  By the end of the reading I was feeling excited about what she had told me about the cards that appeared, as I could see links through all of them in the pathways and journeys I am going through right now. Kate has such an intuitive insight into her card reading that I really felt drawn in and totally enthralled through the entire reading.  She has given me a lot of food for thought and confidence that I am heading in a direction that is right for me.  Thank you Kate – I feel privileged that our paths have crossed.”

L. H., New Zealand 

“I loved my session with Kate. I felt much more grounded and peaceful afterwards and learnt lots throughout the session… She has an energy and passion for healing which is infectious. She is a magical lightworker! Looking forward to booking in again.” 

Laura, New Zealand 

“I met Kate a few weeks ago at the Sunday Market. (Pre-covid). I immediately felt an energetic connection with her. She was friendly and open, and happily answered any questions I had so I decided to get a reading. She walked me through the process, I set my intention, and she tuned in. Her reading was so right on point I was a bit taken aback and comforted at the same time. I was at a crossroad in life and it was exactly what I needed to hear to assist in knowing which path to take. She explained everything clearly, and kindly and patiently repeated pieces of info when I asked. She shared her insight and interpretation in a very loving way, holding space for me to find how the messages she shared resonated for me. Kate has a beautiful gift and I’m so glad she’s offering it for others to benefit because I definitely did. Highly recommend!”

Wren, New Zealand 

“Kate’s calm and soothing manner made me feel very relaxed and at peace.

She explained my cards to me clearly and with great confidence.

It felt like she had known me for a longtime and understood exactly what was troubling me.

I was very impressed by the way that she connected to me and guided me.

Highly recommended!'”

Thea, New Zealand 

“Kate is a very gifted energy healer and channeller. I’ve had many healing experiences but not many have the ability to heal on the level that Kate does. Her energy is pure, compassionate, and spot-on. She is able to unearth and move energy even in just one session. The messages she receives are also so deep and profound. After our session, I felt a huge energetic clearing and listened to the messages she recorded for me. They confirmed a lot of what I had been picking up on and gave me permission to act on said messages. Since our session, I have up-leveled so much in my business and personal life. I feel clear, calm and so happy. Kate is definitely a healers healer and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a deeper connection.”

Rachel, Nova Scotia